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Driving sustainable transformations in the automotive sector, component by component, through high-tech solutions surpassing Net Positive.

About Us

Driving sustainability one piece at a time

About Us

A High-tech tool

Track and reduce your environmental impact with our tailored solutions.

Ensuring protocol compliance, auditable results and reliable measurements for informed decisions.

Our cutting-edge tool empowers car part suppliers to accurately measure and manage their carbon footprint, supporting sustainability for the automotive industry.

With advanced features and robust data analytics, our solution ensures reliable insights and informed decision-making.


more than just a calculator

Data tool service

Fast and efficient carbon footprint tool that implements state-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning technology

Regulation compliant

Adapted to local laws and regulations ensuring full compliance with all applicable legislation

Carbon Management

Simplifies carbon management with automated and auditable reports



Catalina Echevarri


Co-founder of environmental impact startups, with experience in the development of digital products linked to carbon footprint measurement. Extensive experience in international organizations.

Andrés Castro

Chief Sustainability Officer

Seasoned industrial engineer and MBA specialized in Environmental Management. Experienced in ISO 14001:2015 compliance, carbon footprint measurement and offsetting. Skilled in Data Analytics and data-driven decision-making.


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As part of the Farside dynamic venture builder ecosystem, we leverage collective expertise to propel our climate tech startup towards impactful growth and success.


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Revolutionizing carbon footprint measurement for automotive part suppliers

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